Prostate Cancer

This occurs when normal semen secreting cells in the prostate gland transform into cancer cells. Once established the cancer cells may spread via blood and lymphatic system to the bladder, rectumbones, and lymph nodes or beyond.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

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Using Bioidentical Hormones to Stay Young and Healthy

I am a Family Physician and i also practice integrated medicine. That is why I would like to introduce you to Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT). It borders between aesthetic medicine and naturopathic medicine.
People who use BHRT want to keep the feel, look and maintain their sense of youthfulness for as long as they can and BHRT uses naturally occurring but low dose hormones to help them restore their vitality and youthfulness.
Bioidentical hormone therapy helps to control aging, weight control as well as  prevention of certain diseases. It has been used effectively to help with weight loss in certain instances especially if there is weight loss resistance due to hormonal imbalances.

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Medical Marijuana (2)

Your doctor will provide the optimal dose that will improve pain relief and function while making sure there is minimal euphoria or cognitive impairment. It is therefore usual for your doctor to do a gradual dose titration. This is because even low doses of low-THC cannabis can cause significant cognitive impairment in some people.

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Fire Ant stings could be Deadly

You may have been bitten by or know someone bitten by Fire Ants before. It may surprise some to know that not everyone survives the sting. In some people, it may cause an anaphylaxis reaction similar to that of a Bee sting.
The fire Ant is a member of the Wingless Hymenopter. When it bites, it grabs skin, and in circular pattern continues to sting with its abdominal stinger. The stinger pumps a water insoluble substance into the victim’s skin that in turn induce histamine and vasoactive amine from mast cells that could cause a fatal anaphylaxis reaction.

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Gout is a very common cause of tremendous acute pain and ill health. It is uncommon in young women (but may present as chronic arthritis in elderly women) and more common in blacks than Caucasians. It is, however, rarely fatal.

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Entrepreneurship for the Potential Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes the risks of starting up and operating a business. Entrepreneurs provide new goods or services that will meet people’s needs and wants, or solve their problems.

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Unravelling AUTISM

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects speech and language development. It also affects social development and these may manifest as lack of peer relationship, failure to use eye contact amongst other things. Behaviors are also affected as people with autism display stereotypical behaviors. Often times they are irritable and may spontaneously hand-flap, ‘rock’- flexing the neck forward-backward and a host of other inflexible rituals and routines.

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